Normal entry to certificate level courses is Year 10 or equivalent. For Diploma level courses it is desirable that you have completed Year 12 or equivalent. Consideration will be given to mature age entry or Year 10/11 entry level with relevant work experience.

Assessment Methods

Assessment of academic performance in each subject unit is progressive and takes place throughout each teaching block. Typically, this assessment is comprised of a mix of work including class exercises, homework, field reports and assignments, tests, case studies, and final examinations. In many courses assessments will require practical applications.

Lecturers will advise students of the particular requirements of each subject unit and of the conditions pertaining to assessment. A student should be particularly mindful of the due dates of required work. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that all assignment work is handed in on the due date. Work which is lodged incorrectly or after the nominated due date will be deemed not to have been received. Students should keep in mind that all work must evidence original thought, research and initiative, and must be all their own work.

Cheating and plagiarism have serious consequences and may result in instant failure and the requirement to repeat that subject unit in its entirety. A pass in all subject units and competence in all specified performance criteria forming a part of your course of study must be achieved in order to qualify for the award.

Admission Requirements

Normal entry to certificate level courses is Year 10 or equivalent.  Consideration will be given to mature age entry or Year 10 entry level with relevant work experience.

Recognition of Prior Learning

All courses that we offer provide Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL. You can apply for RPL if you think that you are already competent in some of the course outcomes; however, you will need to provide evidence to support this.

Academic Standards

A student must attain competency in all subjects to receive the course award. Students who do not achieve all required competencies are awarded an Academic Transcript only.

Course Hours

Full-time: Minimum of 20 hours per week, 8.30am to 4:15pm Monday to Wednesday during the college term.  Tutorials, assessments and self-study, 8:30am to 4:15pm Thursday and Friday (optional).  Classes may be timetables outside these hours.

Part-time: Courses are complementary to the full-time programs and negotiable.

Please note, International students who study on a Student Visa must attend the college 20 hours per week.

Means of Delivery

Classes and Practical application of theory are the principal means by which course material is delivered. Most classes are conducted in an interactive fashion. Students are expected to ask questions and actively contribute to class discussions. A student needs to be an active member of the class rather than a passive member.Students are required to attend not less than 80% of all scheduled classes. Attendance, participation and contribution are a vital and necessary part of your study at Cairns Business College.

Graduation Requirements

Upon successful completion of a qualification at Cairns Business College, you will be invited to a graduation ceremony.