Equity in Education Policy

Cairns Business College is committed to the goals of equal opportunity in education and employment.

The Cairns Business College aims to provide a study and work environment for staff and students that fosters fairness, equity and respect for social and cultural diversity, and that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and vilification as determined by legislation.

In fulfilling this commitment the Cairns Business College (CBC) shall:

  • foster an all school culture which values and responds to the rich diversity of its students and staff;
  • provide equal opportunity by removing barriers to participation and progression in education and employment so that all students and staff have the opportunity to fully contribute to CBC life;
  • offer programs which aim to overcome past disadvantage for members of staff and student equity groups;
  • promote clear and accountable educational and management policies and practices to engender trust between managers, staff and students;
  • enhance the quality of students’ learning through the provision of culturally, socially and gender inclusive education in areas such as curricula, teaching methods, assessment and review provisions, written and audio-visual material and support services;
  • ensure that its staff and students are aware of their rights and their responsibilities as CBC members.

To achieve these goals the Cairns Business College depends on the continued support and co-operation of all members of the CBC community.  The Principal as Chief Executive Officer is responsible for compliance with all relevant legislation.  The Principal is assisted by the Board of Directors and the Director of Studies.