While studying in Cairns you have many choices for safe, quality accommodation during your short or extended stay. Cairns Business College encourages you to fully immerse yourself in the Australian way of life with our Homestay Program or connect with your student community either in premium apartments, full service accommodation or a share house. All options offer great security and great company.

Contact our CBC Accommodation Officer to assist you to find accommodation that makes you feel right at home in Cairns.

Homestay Program

Australians are famous for their friendliness and their relaxed attitude to life, and our homestay families are no exception. Students become a member of the family and are included in all family or community activities if they wish (e.g. barbecues, dinner parties, church, choirs, sports, camping, beach visits, family celebrations etc.)

A host family will be carefully chosen to match your specific needs and interests and a profile is forwarded to you before you arrive in Cairns. Host families welcome and collect you on arrival and accompany you for farewells at the airport.

Host families provide high quality individual bedroom studies, breakfast, supper and snacks every day and all meals at the weekends. The evening meal is usually eaten together as a family but the breakfast routine may vary. Some Christian families may say prayers before each meal.

Host families play an important part in helping you find your feet in Cairns. They transport students until they are familiarised with the locale and bus routes.

All families are conveniently located within reasonable distance to the campus, usually within 30 minutes bike or bus ride.Australian families team together to help in the home – clearing up after dinner, keeping their own bedrooms tidy, walking the family dog, cleaning the car etc. Students are encouraged to help. All our families adhere to the Cairns Language Centre Quality Assured Code of Ethics.

Shared and Hostel Accommodation

There are many accommodation options for the more independent student including

  • Shared houses or apartments close by
  • Single-occupant apartments or bed-sits
  • Hostel rooms with cooking facilities

Our accommodation officer will place students in suitable apartments or assist students in finding a place to suit them.

Accommodation fees

Placement Fee: AU$200

  • Homestay (half board)

AUD$255 per week* (single) or AUD$242* per week (double/couple per person)

  • (full board)

AUD$291 per week* (single) only

  • Share House/Apartment

AUD$270-$400 per week Tier 1 Premium Apts.**

AUD$250 per week Tier 2 Share house (Modern)**

AUD$195 per week  Tier 3 Share house (Traditional)*

  • *T&C apply.
  • **T&C apply.

Homestay Half board prices include:

Breakfast and Dinner, Monday to Friday and; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the Weekends.

Full board prices include:

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day.

** Prices vary for double/twin accommodation. Meals are not included.
Prices include Goods and Services Tax (GST). Prices quoted are per person

Airport transfer

  • Free Pickup in Homestay. Will be met on arrival by the family.
  • Students staying in Sharehouse – Airport Pickup $85 (one way).